By Alawode Babajide | February 24th, 2019|


Ask the importance of time from a cancer Patient who recently learnt that he or she has only one week left to live. Ask the importance of time from a Coach whose team is about to lose in the final minutes of a football competition. Indeed, time is golden.

However, here’s an important revelation: Time cannot be controlled. The clock keeps ticking whether you do the right things or not; whether you make the right choices or the bad ones.

All human beings regardless of race or religion, have the same amount of seconds, minutes, and hours. Nothing more, nothing less. Even the greatest Scientists-no matter how shrewd- are capable of inventing time. Their greatest achievement since 365 years ago, was the invention of a clock which made it clearer that we can only see time pass but we have no control over it. Jeff Bezos- the Owner of Amazon and the richest man alive with $131 billion net worth (as at the time of this post) can’t buy an additional one second for his day. What does this tell us? Time is more important than money. With time, you can create money but money cannot buy time.

In this light, twenty-four hours is the highest any of us can get. Now the question is: how can you achieve more if time management is a myth? The answer is self-management. This is the distinguishing element that separates successful individuals from unsuccessful ones. Successful people know that money is not the most precious commodity in the universe but time. 

By now, I believe you understand my point. Take a look at this analogy: Time is like identical suitcases where contents can be packed. Though everyone’s suitcase is the same size, some people get a higher return on the contents of theirs. Why? They know what to pack in their suitcases. While others are packing complaints, situations, negativities, some are busy packing skills, knowledge, and wealth. 

An American Essayist, Henry David Thoreau wrote, “It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”

The assignment below should help you judge whether a task worth your attention or not. Please, don’t skip these processes.


  • Arrange all your tasks in an order of importance (Urgent, Important, Good, Average, Least). You can use your words. 
  • Rate the Urgent ones (Today, This week, This month, This year).
  • Then make a to-do-list and put deadlines to each task. Be specific.
  • Attack your Urgent tasks immediately based on your priority.
  • Evaluate your performance at the end of the day and jot down the lessons.
  • Repeat the steps of the assignment again when you feel it’s necessary.
This is how I plan my life and what works for me. You can try it too. Remember that time and tide wait for no one. Time once past cannot be brought back by any means.

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